We are a programming team based in Germany. learn-site has offices in Germany and UK as well. Learn-site company was founded in 2012 with independent activity, now we have more than 10 employees and programmers with the extended services. In the first half of 2018, We decided to make learn-site an international brand, so we did it 🙂

We are working on improving and extending the programming knowledge in some countries beside of providing the professional services. We are progressing day-by-day in this way and will continue spreading the knowledge.

We as Learn-Site Company, successfully have finished over than 1500 projects in Web-designing, desktop software, Android and IOS applications.

Now we are working on the new advertising and automation applications.


Keep in touch with these ways:

Phone number: +44 7418 351629 (UK)

Online chat ( just check the left-bottom )

The Support system ( 24/7 – always we are online )

Email: support@en.learn-site.com

or fill the contact form in the contact us page.


If you need coding services, just send a support ticket for us.