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Find emails through keywords! Experience High-efficiency email marketing with this software!


Professional Email Grabber

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Email marketing is one of the Marketing methods in the network, but an essential issue in this method is finding related emails, and without appropriate emails, email marketing is a real flop!

Additionally, It can decrease your site authority and makes other SEO problems. Wait for it!, This software will help you to find the related emails through your keywords! You’ll enter the keywords into the software then you drink a coffee, And finally you can export the best relevant emails that software found. This software will help you with the increasing of your email marketing efficiency.

How does software work?

This software uses the Google search engine for finding emails through the keywords from sites, Also you can filter the social media that you want to find from.


The Features:

 1. Enter Unlimited Keywords 

 2. Import keywords from the TXT file

  3. Customize the email service providers ( You can choose the popular Email service provider from the list or enter your email provider ) 

 4. Support,,, Services by software’s Default 

 5. Professional Algorithm for finding the best relevant emails 

 6. Customize the number of emails that you need to find 

 7. Find emails Up to 10000 emails for each keyword

 8. Find emails from Social Media ( Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn ) 

 9. High-Speed Finding ( 100 emails per 90 seconds)

 10. Export emails to a CSV file 

 11. Export emails to an Excel file 

 12. Export emails to a TXT file 

 13. Material UI/UX 

 14. On-Time status 

 15. 24/7 Learn-Site Support For 6 months


An example of the software usage: let’s think you have a site in the web design field, and you want to make a newsletter and increase your site visitors, so you need to some emails. You have two choices. first, You can get subscribers from a newsletter form in your site, second You can buy the “Professional Email grabber” then you will enter your keyword such as “web developer” and the software extracts emails from Google that related to your keyword (such as web-developers email, PHP coders email, etc). So, Your newsletter is ready to send to your new visitors 🙂


License Type: Lifetime License. You can use this software unlimitedly just in one system

1. Windows 7, 8.1, 10 / Windows server 2012 R2 or above
2. Net Framework 4.5.2 or above 
3. 1024MB RAM or above. (recommended 2GB)
4. 1Core – 2000 MgHz CPU or above


Don’t be hesitate: if you have any question about this software, just send a message via the support system or online chat. We are at your service proudly.

Notice: This software run with your license code just on one system. For running this software on more than one system, you must buy again and get a new license key.




2 reviews for Professional Email Grabber

  1. William Mellor (verified owner)

    The software works correctly, and I am thankful for your services. I sent you some suggestion in the support ticket for making software better. if you add the features that I sent you, the software will be more awesome surely.

  2. Susan

    Hey, I want to buy the software, But Does software support all of the languages? or just the software supports the english for searching in the internet? in the other words Can I enter the keywords in other languages?

    • Sharifpour

      Hello, The software supports all of the languages, no worries about this issue.

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