Backlink making in a nutshell

Hi guys,

I’m going to talk about backlink making, and I’ll give you some information, tricks, and notices.

So, at first, what is the backlink?

A backlink is a hyperlink that links from other websites’ web pages, back to your website. With this way, you can earn a positive score in SEO ( off-page ) and find new visitors.


Do all of the backlinks are beneficial?

Actually no, If your backlinks don’t meet the standard requirements, it can have a reverse effect! If you are curious about standard backlink parameters, so continue to read this post!


What’s the standard backlink parameters?

We have several general parameters that you should keep in mind in the backlink generating’s process.

  1. The hyperlink should have a follow relationship ( rel=follow ) if you don’t know what that is, so click for reading more.
  2. The website that gave you a backlink, should be related to your website. For instance, if you have a web-designing company, it’ll be better if you get a backlink from websites that they are working in the web-developing field.
  3. The website that gave a backlink, should have an appropriate Page Authority or Domain Authority. For example, it will be great if you can get a backlink from websites that they have more than 30 scores in PA/DA.
  4. If you can get a backlink from governments websites ( .gov TLDs) or educational websites ( .Edu  TLDs), it will be very productive. It is hard, but you can do it.
  5. Popular websites such as Wikipedia and others have a high-efficiency result, it is hard, but again it’s possible.

With the parameters that I mentioned above, You can make a backlink with intelligence, Keep in mind that quantity is not much matter than quality, So first ensure about your backlink quality then increase your backlinks amount.

If you have a question about Backlink makings way, so be with us in continuation of the post.


How to make a backlink?

We have several general options, and I will explain them on the bottom.

  1. You can make high-quality and professional contents and advertise them; then you can expect that folks will make a hyperlink to your website, this way is a very professional way, but it takes a long time to bring a result, maybe several years!
  2. Find some ways that you can create a profile and insert your website URL in there, such as or same websites; it can take a long time too; you can order this service from websites as well.
  3. Send a comment with your website URL in related pages and posts, It is a little easy than other options, but you should research and learn about this way as well. We can help you in this way actually, so keep reading this post!

Important Notice: If you are trying to make a backlink by yourself, You must not give a hyperlink directly to your website, Why? Because if some backlinks will be deleted, it can be harmful to your website. but if you make backlink indirectly your main website will be safe and also If backlinks don’t have an appropriate quality, again your website will be safe.

So, what you have to do? Make a weblog in, or etc. then create a post in weblogs with linking your website in contents of your weblog. You can do the same in social media pages as well.

Make a backlink >> Your weblog or social media >> Your main website

We can give some hand to you in these ways.


How Learn-Site Can help in the backlink making?

Learn-Site has some software that they can help you in making backlink, the first is WordPress Auto Comment Bot, With this software, you can send a comment to WordPress websites with PA/DA filtration. Also, target websites will be found by your keywords; it means posts and websites will be related to your website. This is a professional tool for making backlink with the third way of backlink making that I described.

The second software is Blogger Auto Post Sender, With this software, you can send your website posts to weblogs automatically. in other words, you can send a post to lots of weblogs in a short time. So you can insert your weblog URL instead of your main website in making backlink process.


If you have any comment or question, please say in the comment.


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