I saw many people that they don’t know how can use the mshtml library in c#, so I decided to publish this post.

Well, first, Let me give some illustrate This library helps in working with HTML and web browser.  for example, with this library, you can transmit some image from webpage to the WindowsForm and etc…

The most familiar methods of mshtml library:

HTMLWindow2, DomWindow and …. Maybe most of you will be familiar with these methods.

For using this library you need .Net Framework 4.5 or above.

If your net framework version is appropriate, then Click on the project> Add reference at top of the Visual Studio

In the new window, click on Assembles part,  then write the microsoft.mshtml on the search box. afterwards, when the finding is accomplished, enable this library and click Ok.

After adding this library to the project, you can use this useful library in the project.


using Mircosoft.mshtml;


The bests.

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